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Guns 2 Roses are joined by ‘Ben Dover’ for gigs in Cwmbran and Newport to launch new tattoo parlour

Gavin Felvus on stage as Axl Rose

Gavin Felvus on stage as Axl Rose

Cwmbran’s Gavin Felvus, who plays the part of Axl Rose, in the world famous tribute band Guns 2 Roses is heading to Gwent tomorrow for a few shows where he will promote a new tattoo parlour which will also be named Guns 2 Roses.

Gavin will be joined by ‘Ben Dover’ (Simon Honey) who plays in the band on drums but is better known for his career in the ‘adult film’ industry.

Tomorrow night, Friday 16 August, the band are playing in The Basement on Stow Hill in Newport. Next week Gavin returns to his hometown to play the Waterloo pub on Thursday 22 August and the Six in Hand pub on Friday 23 August.

Ben Dover (Simon Honey' with Gavin

Ben Dover (Simon Honey’ with Gavin

The local tour is part of a plan to promote a tattoo parlour opening in Sebastopol that will be called Guns 2 Roses.

Gavin said: “I’ve been expanding Guns 2 Roses into other areas other than a London-based tribute band. I have been running it as a brand for a few years now and have other versions of the band based in Hollywood and Paris both of which I’m the singer for. A tattoo chain seemed like another avenue to go down and what better place to station the first one than right near my hometown of Cwmbran.”

Tattoo artist Wayne Biggs

Tattoo artist Wayne Biggs

Gavin said: “It will be run and managed by Wayne Biggs, who is an old friend of mine and was in my sister, Robyn Felvus’ year at Fairwater Comprehensive School. He is a very talented artist and in my opinion the best in South Wales.”

The tattoo shop will open at 9B South Street, Sebastopol in late August.

The new tattoo shop opening in Sebastopol

The new tattoo shop opening in Sebastopol


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The view over Cwmbran

The view over Cwmbran

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