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Two girls in the 1972 postcard of Cwmbran Boating Lake- Local mum says ‘they’re my daughters’

Cwmbran Boating Lake postcard

Nicola and Diane are in the boat in the top left

This post, ‘Old postcards of Cwmbran. Yes, Cwmbran used to have its own postcards 🙂 Wish you were here!‘, attracted a lot of views, shares and comments.

It led to Cwmbran mum Chris Ward contacting Cwmbran Life to say ‘my daughters are on one of the boats’. It wasn’t a new surprise to Mrs Ward as she has a copy of the postcard in her home.

The sister are sat in the boat in the top left. Mrs Ward says the photo was taken in the first summer of the Boating Lake opening in 1972.

She said: “The elder one is is now Mrs Diane Johnson, mother of four, grandmother of one and the younger one is Mrs Nicola Watkins, mother of two. Diane lives in West Pontnewydd and Nicola lives near me in Llanyravon. They don’t remember the photos being taken.”

Diane, Chris and Nicola

Diane, Chris and Nicola in a local pub (before the smoking ban 🙂 )

“This was taken a few years ago in Mary O’Briens – probably my 60th birthday – we could still smoke in the bar then! Diane, Me and Nicola on the right,”

Diane is now 47 and Nicola is now 45.

Let me know if you recognise anyone else in the photo.


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The view over Cwmbran

The view over Cwmbran

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