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20 quotes from the morning session at today’s community journalism event in Cardiff #CJC13

There was much to take in at today's launch of the new Centre for Community Journalism in Cardiff. Here are my favourite quotes that I picked up during the sessions I attended. Some of the quotes were taken from a video played in the final session. I'll add in some hyperlinks later tonight.

“There are many bringing in low six figure incomes.” Jan Schaffer, from J-Lab, talking about hyperlocal market in America.

“The future is bright. There will be a plethora of data that people want to understand and trust… Moving from uncovering data to interpreting data. There is a storytelling requirement that community journalists are well placed to do.” Jon Kingsbury from NESTA.

“It is a cooperative that is hopefully moving towards sustainability that will provide jobs.” Ken Smith talking about the Port Talbot Magnet.

“Local TV edges nearer.” Damian Radcliffe, Internet and hyperlocal media expert

“Texan tribune is probably bringing in over a million dollars a year.” Jan Schaffer

“Size isn't everything. It's about eh quality of engagements and interaction. Better to able a small niche audience than a large passive one.” Damien Radcliffe

“So what about media law…? It applies to everyone, 'journalist' or not. There is Civil (bloggers receiving threats of defamation)and Criminal Law ( eg. Naming a rape victim) to consider before publishing.” Judith Townend who is doing a doctoral project at City University London

“It's possible for anyone to engage with the world that would have been impossible twenty years ago… On the face of it that's a good thing, it should be more accountable…knowing the rules of the game…the times are a changing…and a large obligatory dose of common sense…the law is a constantly moving process…” Steve Jones from the NUJ Wales.

“In a few years time we want people to say they know more about their area than they do now. In a few years we want more people to be paid for doing journalism than are now.” Professor Justin Lewis talking about the aims of the new Centre for Community Journalism in Cardiff University.

“The UK media does not pay much attention to what happens here. There is relatively low coverage of what happens in Wales nationally. There is a democratic deficit.” Professor Colin Riordan, from Cardiff University.

“I cannot overstate the importance of local newspapers…The bulk of people in Wales get their national news from newspapers written in London…We want to ensure those hyperlcoal sites are able to share news and experiences across the whole of Wales.” Leighton Andrews AM, Minister for Education and Skills

“How can we support hyperlocal sites to allow them to flourish?…It can become a centre to support sites locally and nationally…let's keep the lens open on what we mean by community…and local journalism.” Professor Richard Sambrook, from Cardiff School of Journalism, Media and Cultural Studies.

“We want everybody to register on Communityjournalism.co.uk and be part of this network. You will be on the map. We are one of the only centres in the world that is marrying outreach and accademic research. What we learn from research can go back in to outreach.” Emma Meese from the Centre for Community Journalism

“People are saying more and more they want to know ways happening in their communities.” Anon.

“When the local paper goes their is a danger the spirit of the community goes.” Anon

“We can help empower people, business, we can skill local people from training. How many people don't release the hidden gems they've got in their community.” Gemma Collins from 3VTV

“People's thirst for news doesn't go away.” Ken Smith

“It needs professionalism. It needs standards, A good hyperlocal can give a community what it needs to be a healthy, thriving community.” Anon

“There is precious little evidence that anyone is making money online.” Anon

“I think the first course the centre should run should be about how to run a business.” Anon



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