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Dane Bowers has signed to play for Cwmbran Celtic football club

UPDATE Tuesday 2 October Dane had his debut for the club’s 3rd team against Marshfield on Saturday, a few hours after this post. A Marshfield player tweeted on Saturday night:

“After playing against Dane Bowers in football and winning, now listening to One Direction getting ready for Casino Night…great day !!#BOOM”

The story was followed up by today’s Argus. Here is the link

Dane Bowers has signed for Cwmbran Celtic football club.

Yep. It is true. Dane registered with the club this week.

There were a couple of google searches to Cwmbran Life in the last week for ‘has Dane Bowers signed for Cwmbran Celtic?’ It seemed strange but plausible as he has a link to the town.

Dane’s girlfriend is the model and former Miss Wales Sophia Cahill, who lives in Gwent.

A spokesman for the club told Cwmbran Life: “Sophia’s dad Paul has been involved with Cwmbran Celtic for over 40 years so she has grown up with the club. Dane is often down visiting her and loves football. We were only to happy when he asked if he could sign for us.

“The plan is that when he is down here and has some free time he will have a run out with our seconds or thirds.

“The registration forms have only just gone off to the Welsh FA so we are not sure when he will have his debut.”

Here is Dane performing with Victoria Beckham.


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