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Handbag lost in Cwmbran town centre last Friday

A Cwmbran woman has emailed this blog after her daughter lost her handbag on Friday in the town centre. Marilyn Parry, from Greenmeadow, went shopping with her husband, Michael and daughter, Karen.

Marilyn said: “We went to town after visiting Peterson’s funeral home to see my deceased uncle so it was hard day. I went into the card shop opposite Marks and Spencer. Karen nipped to Cane and Able and from there we went to WHSmiths, bought a paper and did  the lottery.

“We then went to the flower shop outside Boots and spoke to the lady and explained what flowers we wanted. She said come back in 10-15 mins as she would  make the boxes up . Karen took what we had bought down the steps to the underground car park and put them in the car and told her dad to come up and we would get him some trousers in M&S.

“We got his trousers and walked through WHSmiths to the flower shop and bought and paid for our flowers. We had four lots to put on the graves and we had our arms full. 

“We put our purchases in the car and then drove to Panteg  Cemetery. On driving through the cemetery I said to Karen did she have a pen in her bag? She looked and was then aware that she didn’t have her bag. 

“She was in shock, so we did the flowers quickly and drove back to the underground car park.  She looked where we originally parked on the disabled position just down from the bottom of the steps by Boots.  I made a few phone calls to the shops and the police and to Cwmbran Shopping.

“She was devastated.

“Karen is a single Mum, with two children, one of whom is severely disabled.  In her bag was her purse with about £30 and her mobile  phone that had all the phone numbers for her daughter’s nurses and doctors. She also lost her son’s DS console and £50 in M&S vouchers which were a birthday present.

“It also had her house and car keys, debit cards and bank book. She had just bought me a Mother’s Day present from Cane and Able. This was a bag with ‘Nans Are Good’ written on it.

“Who ever has this bag must have thought it was Chistmas come early.
“The bag was black leather look with two handles and had buckles on the front.

“This has knocked the stuffing out of us. Since  October we have had three family deaths, aunty Audrey in October, her husband Stan on March 5 and my mother on Christmas Eve.  We were rushing to the cemetery to put flowers on my mum and aunty Audrey’s graves for Mother’s Day.

“Life has not been easy as you may tell. I am so sad to think that someone did not hand it in.”

If you spotted the bag you can call Marilyn on 07837521024 .


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One thought on “Handbag lost in Cwmbran town centre last Friday

  1. Thank you Ben. Regards. Marilyn

    Posted by Mrs Marilyn Parry | March 20, 2012, 11:29 pm

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