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A walk through Fairhill Woods in Cwmbran and a failed attempt at uploading video to WordPress for Android

This was a chance to walk down memory lane and at the same time try out the ‘quick video’ option on WordPress for Android. This failed as no matter what I did the video would not upload.

This post explained that you need to have a self-hosted blog with a plug-in or use VideoPress for $60  a year.

If anyone thinks I’m on the wrong track any advice would be welcome.

So I went for plan b and posted the video on you tube.



These woods are behind Fairhill Methodist Church and surrounded by homes and paths in Kingsland Walk and Windsor Road.

I grew up in these woods playing soldiers, making dens and lighting fires.


Kids don’t play in them as much nowadays, probably just a sad sign of the times. The paths that run through the woods used to be well-trodden and clear.


Today many of them are covered in brambles. But I hope the video shows that there are still quiet, wooded areas to enjoy in Cwmbran without having to walk up Mynydd Maen.



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2 thoughts on “A walk through Fairhill Woods in Cwmbran and a failed attempt at uploading video to WordPress for Android

  1. I used to play in these woods as a kid, as I grew up in Windsor Road.

    There was the boggy area at the top, near the footbridge over the stream by Fairhill. We used to dare each other to cross the bog without sinking down, never to be seen again. Usually, the worst that happened was one of us would lose a welly.

    Further down, on the Kingsland Walk side, we used to ride our Chopper’s on a DIY scrambling course, often falling off and having to be careful not to castrate ourselves on the gear shift that was at bollock height on the crossbar.

    Then there was the stream crossing, between the school and Pendine Walk. This was the site of many precarious swings, along with a variety of painful falls!

    And the sun was always shining………

    The sad thing is that we are probably the last generation to enjoy this area in such a fun way, with today’s kids thinking riding a bike outside the house is the most daring thing they’d ever do.

    Posted by Mark Ward-Jones | December 30, 2011, 6:38 pm

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The view over Cwmbran

The view over Cwmbran

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