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Houses could be built on the Mill Tavern pub in Cwmbran

£2.20 for a pint of Otley in the Mill Tavern in Cwmbran
The pub closed three or four months ago following a good effort by the new couple who reopened it earlier this year. That was around early spring. They tried to attract new customers by introducing an annual membership (£3 per person £5 a couple) to make it a sort of social club and always served a few real ales. The last time I visited was just before it closed and I was surprised to be asked for £1.50 for my pint! That did make me think how they could be making money as it was very quiet. It was a friendly place and I wish the couple well. Click this link to see a You Tube clip I filmed in the summer of the beer garden. Look at the effort the couple put in to give it a new look.

Click this link to go the Torfaen Council planning application. It will open a pdf file. Scroll down to page 13 to see the plan that officers recommended for approval at yesterday’s meeting. I don’t know the outcome but will find out and update this posting as soon as possible. The application was approved.
Real ales in the Mill Tavern in Cwmbran. Great prices

It is interesting that the objections from residents below do not mention any loss of a community facilty like those that often feature in pub closing stories. It seems like time has definitely been called on the Mill Tavern.

Five letters of objection have been received in response to this application from three local residents. Their concerns are summarised below:

Over development of the site – disregards the natural position of the public right of way with small rear gardens (reference made to Flintshire guidance)

Concerns over anti-social behaviour in the path/ public right of way

Re-routing and downgrading of the historic right of way, which is constant use for variety of uses

Narrowing of the right of way from 3 metres which should be maintaine

Direct vehicle access on to the narrowest part of the road – no turning areas provided

Access road has high volumes of traffic – will increase traffic and parking

difficulties in relation to school drop off/pick ups

School traffic should be prohibited

Reduction of road width

Impact on privacy – view of drive

Problems of construction traffic (noise and damage)

No lighting in right of way

Devaluation of property

Comments on Design and Access Statement

Questioning of the maintenance of drainage overflow channel suggestion to combine with right of way.

 Flooding risk if blocked

Mechanism required to prevent use of right of way by multiple traffic types


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The view over Cwmbran

The view over Cwmbran

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