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Interview with Cwmbran man who witnessed a suicide

In Cwmbran’s Mcdonalds today I overheard a man talking on his mobile phone about how he witnessed a suicide at Cardiff train station. It happened at Cardiff train station this morning. This blog is about capturing stories and voices of Cwmbran people so I asked him if he would let me record his story. James, 23, said yes. My mobile phone uploaded it to audioboo. Within 20 minutes I logged in and deleted it. I checked out the Samaritans and PCC guidelines on reporting suicides and felt it was wrong to share his story.

James was in shock and had not slept all night. He also told me he still felt under the influence of alcohol from his night in Cardiff. This came out during the interview.

Did I do the right thing?
I’ve got James’ number so should I return to him later in the week and rerecord his story?

Visit http://www.samaritans.org/

Update to post.12pm. I heard on the radio first thing today that here was an incident on the line that was disrupting trains. I assumed that was what James was talking about. I’ve now been told by someone that what James told me may not be accurate. So that is a big lesson for me when posting on this blog. Was there a suicide at Cardiff train station this morning?


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2 thoughts on “Interview with Cwmbran man who witnessed a suicide

  1. You seem to have made a good call mate. The BBC website reports that the incident was actually at Marshfield, a good few miles from Cardiff Central station – it’s a good move to check the facts first.


    Also, to publish an account of a suicide from somebody involved/so shaken up by it so soon after the incident could leave you open to accusations of taking advantage of them at a very weak point.

    2/10 for getting the interview at the wrong time, 10/10 for deciding not to publish it.

    Posted by Mark Ward-Jones | August 30, 2011, 6:17 pm

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The view over Cwmbran

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